Endings and Beginnings

On Saturday, 10th September, the Howard Centre will play host to this one day event organised by our Ecumenical Reflective Worship Group. Endings and Beginnings will provide opportunities for reflection on, discussion about and prayer for the very difficult choices which people have to make when leaving their country, their homes and their relationships. We will be thinking of two particular groups whose experiences mean the end of one way of life and the beginning of a new way – refugees and women leaving abusive relationships. We are very pleased to welcome David Bradwell of Scottish Faiths Action for Refugees and Judy Ferguson of Women’s Aid as speakers at Endings and Beginnings and are sure that what they have to share will be thought-provoking and inspiring. The Ignatian Spirituality Centre will also be represented, and will engage us in spiritual and prayerful reflections at the beginning and end of the day.

In our Tented Labyrinth, participants will have a chance to explore for themselves the journey from ending to beginning. In each tent or area there will be words, images and objects to assist prayerful and imaginative engagement with the experiences of those who have to flee from dangerous people or places. We hope that this will be an experience which will assist not only deeper understanding of others, but also of ourselves and how God reaches out to all of us in love and compassion.

Our Wee Cafe will be open for those who’d like a snack or coffee and a cake, and there will be stalls and tables to browse and find out more about a range of local charities and organisations who help people in need.

Visitors will also have the chance to see an exhibition by documentary photographer, Conor Ashleigh, Starting Again – A new life in Scotland, which shows the experiences of refugee families as they make their new beginnings in Glasgow.

Endings and Beginnings at the Howard Centre on Saturday, 10th September. Doors open at 10am, with the event itself open from 10.30am until 3.30pm. This is a drop-in event, and visitors can stay for as long or as short a time as they choose.

If you would like more information or to help by volunteering on the day, for an hour or more, then please contact Rev Alison McBrier on alison@howardcentre.org.